Taughannock Falls

Taughannock Falls
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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Tea Party Convemtion cancelled?

The primary success of Christine O'Donnell notwithstanding, the Tea Party movement may not be doing as well as the media seems to think. A national convention in Las Vegas was already cancelled due to lack of interest this summer. It was rescheduled for the Mirage hotel in Las Vegas, October 14-16. The movement's national website (www.teapartynation.com) encourages interested parties to visit www.nationalteapartyconvention.com for the latest details. Visiting the website, one doesn't find anything other than a server error message. The Mirage Hotel confirms they are not now planning to host any sort of convention there in October. Maybe they'll try again next year? This second fiasco suggests that there may be truth in the claim that the whole "Tea Party Movement" is more astroturf than grassroots. Would the "movement" even exist at all without the generous backing of the billionaire Koch brothers and their cronies? I submit that many of the Tea Partiers harbor real anti-establishment rage for various reasons. Powerful big-money interests have succeeded in channeling this anger against "Obamacare" and other "big-government" initiatives. Yet the fact that the promised presence of Sarah Palin, and other Tea Party favorites, wasn't enough to make the convention happen suggests the depth of commitment among many Tea Partiers isn't very great.

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