Taughannock Falls

Taughannock Falls
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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Word on the street...

Normally I wouldn't pass on a rumor heard on the subway, but... These two pinstripes were chatting on the M train as it rumbled through Brooklyn on the way to Metropolitan Village. "Sammy the zit Zonfrillo is telling everyone to sell all their FedEx stock. He says the company is going down in flames!" The other suit replied: "Manny Leite, the friendly Portagee spy, recommends selling stock of any company that does business with FraudEx." Weird stuff, eh?? Don't worry, Ulysses is on the case.

Excellent post on disaster in Europe!

Predictable Disasters

Monday, April 9, 2012

DB calls the shots!!

Well, left-siders, our old friend dbshotz insists that I rerun this pithy little post, which she claims is her favorite... and believe you me, whatver db wants, db gets!!

Consume, produce, be silent, obey. That is all the plutocrats want from us worker bees. We can do so much more. We can: demand answers, refuse to cooperate in our own destruction, create, educate, and agitate. We can report injustices to our brothers and sisters. In short, break out of our selfish "bubbles," look around, define and solve problems.

If not now, when? If not us, who?

Solidarity Forever!!