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Taughannock Falls
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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Jobs in the U.S.?

From today's Washington Post:

Senate Republicans on Tuesday blocked a Democratic plan to encourage companies to bring jobs back from overseas, as a united GOP caucus voted against a motion to debate the measure on the Senate floor.

The motion failed 53 to 45.

The legislation would have raised taxes on corporations that shift operations overseas, costing U.S. jobs. It also would have awarded companies that bring jobs back from abroad by offering a two-year hiatus from payroll taxes for those positions.

I wish I could say with confidence that the Democrats will run with this in a big way. The vast majority of voters, as opposed to big corporate donors, will resent the Republican vote against allowing this measure to come to the floor. Sadly, I suspect that too many Democratic candidates will allow fear of offending their corporate masters to keep them from jumping on this issue. The GOP will only pitch so many softballs over the middle of the plate. It's time to hit the easy home run, or just go home.

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Yahtzee99 said...

The problem is we try to have "free trade" with countries that don't protect their workers. We lose jobs and gain only the chance to buy cheap crap at Walmart.