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Taughannock Falls
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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Senator Kerry of Massachusetts gets an earful!

Senator Kerry of Massachusetts wrote a letter to the Progressive Democrats of America, hoping to start a dialogue over the ten-year war in Afghanistan. The comments posted in response to his letter were outstanding. Here's one I liked by Chris Fallon:

End all of these wars. I have spent most of my adult life under
George W. Bush, waiting for an end to his policies and I thought that’s why
I elected Obama. I thought we would stop the absurd military spending and
once again invest in America. I spend all of my money paying loans, and have
no retirement savings. I’m looking for jobs in China after spending $120k on
a law degree. I’m already planning on retiring in a poorer country with
universal health care because I won’t have much savings and I can’t count on
President Obama or Congress to protect Medicare. This is our future and it’s
a disgrace and these policies along with the ridiculous free trade policies
are responsible. History will remember that the Baby Boomers sold the future
of America to multinational corporations and the military industrial
complex. The Boston Tea party was a revolt against the collusion of the
British government and the multinational East India Company, unfortunately
our modern Tea Party doesn’t understand this. We have allowed history to
repeat itself.

I hope Leftsiders are inspired by comments such as these-- to communicate their own ideas on the war in Afghanistan to their elected leaders in Washington, D.C.  Enjoy your weekend!

P.S.-- please note the new action link Freedom Square picture, just below the "Drinking Liberally" icon to the right of this post.


thubtump7 said...

Just fired off an e-mail to my Congress-critters this minute!

Motivated In Ohio said...

That is a perfect response. The CBO just put out the story of two futures that America faces. One if the Bush tax cuts are continued, and one if they are dropped. If they are dropped we can continue to keep our promises to seniors and other citizens. Please read this report.

Underground Politics said...

That's a pretty awesome response!