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Taughannock Falls
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Monday, June 20, 2011

Motivated by Underground Politics in Ohio

This is a post I have tried to write before. Out here in the vast political blogosphere it is possible to see some of everything. Older, established bloggers like Digby or Doghouse Riley can teach us much about crafting persuasive prose, satirical prose, and other written methods of countering the reactionary forces that dominate our nation's politics. Yet, in the last few months I've been bowled over by two brand new bloggers who came ashore onto my little blogger's island, and let me know they were here to do their part in the struggle.

The most impressive aspect of Motivated in Ohio, and Underground Politics (find them in the roll to the right) is that they are blogs which succeed every day in calling attention to vital issues of the day. They share an impatience with corporate media, and the false memes promoted by the punditocracy. Every day they ask: what is really going on? More importantly they proceed to tell us why we should care. There is absolutely no pretension in what they do-- they are compassionate political observers striving to make a difference. If we had two or three such committed individuals in every U.S. county we would soon overcome all the grave problems that afflict our nation.

 So hats off to Motivated and Underground, may they ever prosper! Here's some rousing recent words of Motivated to get us all on the right track:

When I was young, this country built things, there were unions to protect workers and make sure they had decent wages.  After Reagan became President, things started to change.  Alan Greenspan, the Ayn Rand, disciple, became powerful, and the American worker started to be viewed as a parasite.  Now, many years later, people cannot get jobs, Teachers are viewed as the haves (that is just crazy) and this country is unrecognizable.

The people who aren't viewed as parasites, are the ones that brought this country down.  They took sub prime mortgages, wrapped them all together, and sold them as AAA. They shipped jobs to countries where they could enslave the workers.  These are the true parasites.  They have their master (money) and they don't care how they hurt this country to get it.

At one time, when a person invested in a company, they had a general idea what that company was about.  They made something.  A person could decide if the product was of sufficient quality, and desirability, to back.  That is no longer so. [http://www.motivatedinohio.com/2011/06/united-states-of-users-motivated-in.html]

Happy Monday Leftsiders!


mlee33 said...

These new blogs are great. Thanks for the post, Ulysses!

Motivated In Ohio said...

Wow, I have been a bit lazy in getting around that last couple days. Thank you so much for your kind words. You have been an inspiration.

Cletis L. Stump said...

Well said, brother Ulysses and well deserved Mio, and Underground.

Motivated In Ohio said...

You guys are making me blush!

Underground Politics said...

Thanks Ulysses ^_^

Ulysses said...

Keep on rocking on!!

Anonymous said...

alThanks they are each excellent and I'm glad I found them before ThinkProgress changed for the worse, I believe.