Taughannock Falls

Taughannock Falls
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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Working together

Thomas Friedman frequently says things I don't agree with. But there's a recent plea he made that struck a chord:

The president needs to take America’s labor, business and Congressional leadership up to Camp David and not come back without a grand bargain for taxes, trade promotion, energy, stimulus and budget cutting that offers the market some certainty that we are moving together — not just on a bailout but on an economic rebirth for the 21st century. “Fat chance,” you say. Well then, I say get ready for a long phase of stubborn unemployment and anemic growth.
Our nation's unemployment crisis will not be fixed by Wall Street alone. It won't be fixed by Congress alone. It won't be fixed by unions alone. Right now Wall Street and corporate interests dominate economic policy-making completely. But the President does have the power to put other interests together with the big-money players and pressure them to find a "grand bargain." Obama would surely risk losing face if such a summit was tried and accomplished nothing. But I think many voters would give him credit for the attempt.

Friedman is mostly interested in doing something good for "the market." But, even though his suggestion isn't really motivated by any real concern for the 98% of us without major stakes in 'the market,' doing as he proposes might just help all of us. A leader who brings people together despite enormous mistrust and bitterness shows superb leadership indeed.

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