Taughannock Falls

Taughannock Falls
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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Republicans capitalizing on bad news

It is very disturbing to see the high glee that high unemployment numbers are producing among Republicans. They are steadfastly opposed to helping the Democrats improve the situation, because they hope to convince U.S. voters to blame all of their economic woes on the Democrats. To keep the public diverted from their own agenda, so clearly devoted only to the interests of the very wealthy, they create a false Social Security scare-- proposing to "rescue" the program through slashing benefits and raising the retirement age. They continually misrepresent the Democrats' position on the expiration of the Bush tax cuts. They point out, truthfully, that all taxpayers paid less taxes after the Bush cuts. But then they lie about the Democrats' plan for expiration. The expiration of these cuts would only apply to those making over $200,000/year. The vast majority of Americans, including all of those truly suffering the effects of the recession, would not see their taxes go up. Instead of blaming Obama and congressional Democrats, Americans need to look at wealthy corporate decision-makers (a few of whom might be Democrats!) who are outsourcing jobs to low-wage countries, slashing wages and benefits, and busting unions. While this may be impossible to prove, it may well be the case that some are deliberately putting off hiring in order to help their Republican friends in the election.

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