Taughannock Falls

Taughannock Falls
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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A despicable industry

One of the more heartbreaking aspects of the current jobs crisis is how so many folks, who are unemployed, fall victim to various sorts of predators. Newspaper want ads and internet job postings invite applicants to apply for jobs. The jobs don't exist. The predator may be "phishing" for personal information to use in a scam. Or, the predator is looking to net a few customers for some sort of for-profit training school. Very often the desperate job seeker is encouraged to jump through a number of hoops, before finally being told how they can send $39.95 for a DVD that explains some sure-fire method to gain wealth. While con artists of earlier generations needed to present an honest looking face to individuals or small groups, no such personal touch is required today. Mass posting of phony jobs on hundreds of sites, a slickly produced website, a couple of phone lines, and thousands of new suckers will be drawn into the net. We can all try to make these bloodsuckers work a little harder for their money, by posting scam alerts that might warn off some potential victims.

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