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Taughannock Falls
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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The privatization of Benton Harbor, MI

Stephen Colbert makes us laugh, at what is really an alarming abuse of power:

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What Gov. Snyder of Michigan has done in Benton Harbor is nothing less than abolish the people's right to self-government. If this unconstitutional power grab is allowed to stand, then there is little hope left for preserving the American Republic. I encourage everyone, even those who live thousands of miles away from Michigan, to fight back hard. Even the kings of medieval England allowed some local self-government in the shires and towns. We have an emergency, alright. The plutocrats and their puppets have stopped playing by the familiar rules. They used to be content with distorting and corrupting our government with their money. Now bribing a mayor seems like too much work. Better to simply abolish an entire duly elected government and sell off the people's assets to developers for pennies on the dollar.


mlee33 said...

You're right, Ulysses. We need to stop this madness ASAP. Let Gov. Snyder know what you think!


Underground Politics said...

It really is alarming. Apparently we don't have democracy anymore. We have dictatorships.

Laertes said...

A NY Times story on this shocking situation is here:

Ulysses said...

Thank you Laertes, for the NYT link. Reading the Times story, I'm struck by how little (if any)outrage the author shows at these shenanigans. Many of the NYT commenters also noticed that the story could well have been written for a Rupert Murdoch paper. I would have hoped that a mighty paper like the Times would not completely overlook a principal motivation for this abolition of a duly elected government. The poor African-American town of Benton Harbor has a lovely public lakefront park, that wealthy developers from nearby affluent white communities wish to seize and turn into a golf course. (P.S.-- say hi to Penelope for me!)