Taughannock Falls

Taughannock Falls
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Saturday, April 27, 2013

JFK's greatest speech


Ulysses said...

This speech was viewed with alarm by the very same Military Industrial Complex that JFK's predecessor, General Ike Eisenhower, tried to warn us all about. Let's be honest, folks. Could you imagine President Obama challenging the MIC? Or, is he too busy signing secret "kill lists," to authorize illegal drone strikes that every week kill innocent civilians and make anti-U.S. terrorism inevitable?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this Ulysses! My mom said she never cried harder in her life than on that sad day the nuns told her and her classmates what had happened in Dallas.

dbshotz said...

Great clip, Ulysses! how about you give us one of your own rants in the near future?

Ulysses said...

O.K maybe I can put together a little riff on what the appointment of Penny Pritzker as Commerce Secretary symbolizes in our sad nation.