Taughannock Falls

Taughannock Falls
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Monday, October 31, 2011

Antiquarians and Historians

Here's the difference between an antiquarian and an historian: the former cares about the past for its own sake, while the latter seeks to understand the present more deeply through knowing about historical developmnets that still shape our world. As an historian, this is what I would say the Ciompi revolt can teach us-- the elite's hold on power is always weak, the masses may seize power whenever they are so inclined. However, elites are like the moles in whack-a-mole: eventually they pop back up, and start screwing things up for the rest of us until we whack 'em again! Peace out, brothers and sisters...


mlee33 said...

You're too cool to fool, eh brother? How we gonna make these elites do the right thing?

DBshotz said...

Thanks for the cool lesson brer' Ulysses!

Motivated In Ohio said...

It looks like the masses agree! Yea! Is Verizon anywhere near an agreement with it's workers, and if so is it fair? I won't renew my contract until it is settled fairly, and if it isn't I need to look for a new phone company.

I loved this story! Thanks