Taughannock Falls

Taughannock Falls
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Friday, December 17, 2010

President Obama makes his case.

President Obama acknowledges the bill is flawed, but claims its a good deal for all Americans:

President Obama does a great job in making the strongest possible justification for the compromise. Yet his interpretation rests on a false premise. He suggests that Republicans want to strengthen the economy. The Republicans did allow the continuation of some unemployment benefits in a time of high unemployment. While this merely followed the well-established bipartisan practice in place for decades, it will help mitigate some economic pain. There are other modestly stimulative parts of the law. Unfortunately, not much of this small stimulus will continue as long as the massive tax breaks for the wealthy, and for the heirs of the super wealthy. Mitch McConnell has openly proclaimed that the GOP goal in the new Congress will be to make Obama a one term President. This GOP now coming into power doesn't really want to "strengthen our economy." They think outsourcing decent jobs overseas and lowering the minimum wage at home is a good policy. Their greed and corruption has clouded their thinking, to the point where they say with a straight face that helping the super wealthy to an even larger share of the national wealth is "strengthening the economy." I really wish President Obama was right in saying the GOP wants what is good for all Americans. The sad reality is that the only Americans they fight for are those who write the checks to fund their campaigns.

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mlee33 said...

President Obama needs to demand a lot more in return for giving away the store to the Rethugs. I'm not optimistic for the next two years.