Taughannock Falls

Taughannock Falls
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Monday, June 10, 2013

Kevin G. reports from the ever-shrinking world of real journalism


dbshotz said...

Thanks for sharing this Ulysses... I know that I'll never hear of this at all in the mainstream media. I fear we no longer have a free press, and that very few still dare to speak out against the wrongdoing of the powerful.

Chris Hedges put it this way: "Whistle-blowers have no privacy and no legal protection. This is why Edward Snowden—a former CIA technical assistant who worked for a defense contractor with ties to the National Security Agency and who leaked to Glenn Greenwald at The Guardian the information about the National Security Council’s top-secret program to collect Americans’ cellphone metadata, e-mail and other personal data—has fled the United States. The First Amendment is dead. There is no legal mechanism left to challenge the crimes of the power elite. We are bound and shackled. And those individuals who dare to resist face the prospect, if they remain in the country, of joining Manning in prison, perhaps the last refuge for the honest and the brave."

Sudtiroler said...

This young man is very impressive. Thanks for sharing Ulysses!