Taughannock Falls

Taughannock Falls
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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Why the violent suppression of OWS by DHS, NYPD & others is illegal

All United States citizens are granted certain inalienable rights by our Constitution. One of those rights is clearly stated in the first amendment to our Constitution, namely the right of all U.S. citizens, without limit or exception, to peacebly "assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances." You will not find anywhere in our U.S. constitution any language requiring citizens to apply for special permits from Government, to petition Government for a redress of our grievances. This goes straight to the heart of what it means to have representative government. When our Congress, whose performance is found to be poor by more than 85% of U.S. citizens according to recent polls, sends in militarized, heavily armed thugs to assault men, women, and children in the early hours of the morning-- because they presumed to question the Government's consistent policy of allowing Wall Street banksters to commit crimes that devastate our communities and families-- then they have lost any claim to possess the consent of the governed for such unconstitutional violence. When they go on to give the military power (in the N.D.A.A.)to sieze U.S. civilians, on U.S. soil and hold them indefinitely without trial, they have chosen to turn their back, not only on the U.S. Cnstitution, but on the fundamental foundational freedom of habeas corpus that underlies the tradition of Anglo-American common law-- and was in existence for centuries before the American Revolution of the 18th century against the limited monarchy of Great Britain.


cranstonista said...

I hope you stay safe, Ulysses, and keep on speaking truth to power!!

DKhan75 said...

Ulysses, do I have your permission to use this is as a starting point for discussion in my civics class next week? It will be the first time I've used something from someone who writes under a pen name like yourself!

dbshotz said...

I fear things may end badly unless we end this slide into fascism very soon... (sigh)

Motivated In Ohio said...

It is illegal, and it strikes at the very heart of this country. I don't know why people are not more outraged.

Anonymous said...

Motivated is right, where's the outrage? It's hidden right now because people fear police violence. Yet the people have little left to lose and will soon overcome this fear that stifles them!