Taughannock Falls

Taughannock Falls
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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Part 2, Tina's tale

As is only natural for a Puertoricana hairdresser in Gotham City, Tina is drop-dead gorgeous… but I swear that’s not the only reason I started chatting her up at the bar. The intelligence shone from her eyes, and before I knew it she was dropping literary insights that would have made her the envy of any Princeton grad. student in an advanced comp. lit. seminar. But of course she never went to college, so she’s found a way to make her hairdressing a source of daily inspiration. Just as Michelangelo visualized the Pietà just by looking at the raw marble, the limp hair Tina faces each day inspires her to create some new beauty in the world every day. She has achieved a wisdom that is rare and true, with no hint of bitterness at all that she hasn’t shared any of the worldly adventures her clients gossip about in front of her. This is the genius of working-class Americans, refusing to feel second-class even as they are treated more poorly every day by their corporate bosses.

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Motivated In Ohio said...

Thank you, we need to treat ourselves and others with respect that is due the people who work. Love it.