Taughannock Falls

Taughannock Falls
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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ministry of Truth

This little clip tells about David Barton, a man who calls himself an historian, but who has no more academic training beyond his bachelor's degree in religious studies. The scary thing is that he is given equal stature, in the minds of some Americans, with real historians, who have written important books and won the Pulitzer Prize.

If you, like me, have ever heard someone cite Barton's distorted ideas with approval, it is vitally important that you don't just let it slide. All totalitarian regimes insist on erasing true history and replacing it with their own mythology. We can't let the Rethugs do this if we want to preserve our democratic republic.


masha2 said...

Is it just me, or does this Barton character not seem like an Amway salesman? Jes sayin'...

Cletis L. Stump said...

Ulysses, I was not aware of Barton. I am now. If you decide to write about him, (hint) please let me reprint it. Hope your guest and your are well. Jonathan Swift up at my place after midnight. A Modest Proposal.

Motivated In Ohio said...

I think I posted the same clip, he is just scary, especially if you are a person of faith.