Taughannock Falls

Taughannock Falls
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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Disappointment leads to renewed determination in Egypt

Promises by Hosni Mubarak to leave, eventually, do not satisfy the people in the streets. What does he hope to gain by lingering where he's so unwelcome? The army won't crush the protests, but neither will it force a quick change in regime. This untenable situation will improve soon or deteriorate badly before long.


eminor said...

Mubarak may be holding out for some country to offer him a safe haven, a place where he can bring his money and be sheltered from prosecution. Any takers? North Korea? Couldn't you use a little cash?

Cletis L. Stump said...

Ulysses, well, he's stepped down but now the real crisis is at hand. I once sold cars for a living and I have watched people wrangle themselves a good deal then go back to work out the financing and get screwed out of thousands. When the energy dissipates, the sleaze will begin to squeeze through the windows and under the doors. This is simply Mubarak's and Sulieman's backup plan. Never turn you back on a snake. I pray democracy will prevail. Vos Populi Vos Dei is the motto at our place. Thanks for your wonderful blog.

Ulysses said...

A good first step for the military, to assure the people's support, would be to freeze Mubarak's assets within Egypt. He doesn't need to hang upside down like Mussolini, but he can't get off Scot-free.

Cletis L. Stump said...

Never piss off people whose ancestors built the pyramids is my rule.